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DOT is proposing changes to the hours of service regulations that, if finalized, will:

  • Reduce the maximum driving time in each shift,

  • Reduce the on-duty time in each shift, and

  • Increase the number of consecutive hours of off-duty time required to restart the weekly work period.
In effect, this means that drivers will have more time away from home, stuck in rest areas. Also, for many hard working drivers these changes will ultimately result in a pay cut.

How Can You Help?

The best way to be heard is to send a letter to DOT offering your unique perspective on the proposed Hours of Service changes and how you think they will impact productivity and safety. To facilitate the process weíve provided the following tools:

  • Suggested Talking Points

  • Easy To Use Letter Templates

  • DOTís Mailing Address

Click here for MS
Word version

Tell DOT What You Think
Remember, DOT is required to read and consider every unique letter, so donít hesitate to write. Also, encourage other drivers to do so. For instructions, click here (PDF) or here (Word).

Send Your Letter Electronically
Donít want to go to the trouble of mailing a letter? You can also send one electronically. For instructions, click here.

Use One of Our Form Letters
As an alternative to drafting your own letter, you could choose to sign one of our form letters provided  here (MS Word version). However, DOT is not required to read and consider each form letter, so this approach will be less powerful and is not preferred.

Send Your Thoughts Electronically
If so inclined, you could simply send a DOT a few thoughts electronically. To do so, follow these instructions.

Speak Up!
Clearly, DOT doesnít understand the impact these changes will have on this industry and the professionals who drive for a living. If only a fraction of the nationís four million truck drivers send letters, DOT is bound to get the message.

Want to Learn More?
View this PowerPoint presentation explaining the proposed changes and how you can voice your opinions to DOT.